We were born in 2010 with a great dream!

We invest time, passion and all our skills in the development of new, high-performance products. From laundry fragrances and fabric sprays to the latest innovations such as Horomia scented sachets and the new Horomia Home Fragrance stick diffusers, we develop and design fragrances that are always different and suitable for every taste and need. We have always believed that quality can be translated in the use of cutting-edge technologies to create more effective and long-lasting perfumers. In this last years we saw a strong growth and we decided to invest in new powerful and efficient equipment to keep the growth curve going up. We also focused on creating a new marketing strategy to better communicate the passion and expertise we put in our products. We aim for an even greater growth for our online stores and retailer sales. Large scale distribution is an important part of our business, especially with our Profumel Brand but we are also working to develop the boutique retailers network for the Horomia Brand.

We are always looking for new fragrances, new products and new technologies to perfume laundry, textiles and the home.

Choose Profumel if you wish to have a sanitizing and hypoallergenic laundry fragrance or Horomia if you’re looking for some elegant and sophisticated perfumers.


Refined ingredients are a must to create sober and elegant fragrances.



Scent all of your laundry, even your toddler’s clothes, with our Profumel hypoallergenic laundry fragrances



Four exclusive fragrances dedicated to those who love luxury.


From the study of the formula to the creation of the fragrance olfactory pyramid