Born to scent
your days!

We create and market different types of perfumers. From air and fabric fresheners to concentrated laundry fragrances.

To create a perfumer is not an easy task. It is a delicate and thorough process that needs a collaborating trail of experts. Our chemists study the formulas, a fundamental step to allow the final product to have the right amount of perfume and a long-lasting effect.

The perfume makers are then in charge of developing the fragrance, with the help of professional “noses”. Together they create the olfactory pyramid.


A fine fragrance is balanced.
Not only you need the perfect
ingredients, you also need to
know how to combine them.


The head notes are the first perfumes you will smell in a fragrance and have a very high volatility. In the middle we have the heart notes, rich and immersive. These perfumes last for a few hours and lead to the base notes, the long-lasting ones. Their heavy molecules allow them to evaporate a lot less quickly. Thanks to their persistence they are called the soul of the fragrance, the perfume you will remember in time.

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